Words from volunteers (2)

As anyone might imagine,  going to a completely different country is an eye-opening experience.

I traveled with Care to Help around El Salvador and distributed supplies, built a house, and talked with the locals. Of course, I felt good about myself when I handed out supplies, but the most resounding memory I had of El Salvador was that of the school children.

Building and distributing were awesome in their own sense, but getting to know the people you were helping on a personal level was incomparable. I felt as if the hilarious struggle to communicate had brought random strangers close incredibly rapidly. And this brief but powerful connection with younger children was hands-down the best part of my time in El Salvador.

– Hongjin Xia,  John P. Stevens High School


2014年夏天,我参与了Care To Help Foundation 在萨尔瓦多的慈善公益之旅,有机会和中南美洲的学生义工们一起,帮贫民建造房屋并与他们交流。亲手把发放的物资交到需要���手上的那一刹那,感觉真的非常棒。 但如果你问我在萨尔瓦多最难忘的是什么,我会说是学校里的那群孩子们。


–   夏弘进,新泽西Edison, John P. Stevens 高中