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Date Project
01/18 Syria Refugee Children Winter Jackets with STUF
02/28 Veteran Caring Program in Ilan
04/26 Hygiene products drive
04/28 One container was sent to El Salvado
05/03 Approved proposal of Education Service from CYCU 
05/11 Indigenous Peoples Seminar UN
08/03 Summer Education Service at El Salvador 
08/26 Donated Laptop to Dominica Association of Aging
08/29 Visited the first Lady Margarita Villalta de Sanchez of El Salvador
08/29 Scholarship program – Women’s Development Center Suchitoto

Donated hygiene supplies to a shelter run by ISNA

08/30 Service Learning computer class
08/31 Nuevo Cuscatlan & Huizucar – Distribution & education program
09/02 Chilanga & San Antonio –  Distribution & education program
09/09 CHF donated computers and help established computer center in Maria Lucinda Vargas school, Uluasapa, San Miguel
09/17 Distributed cleaning supplies for victim families of typhoon Molandy
12/08 Veteran Holiday gift program in NYC
12/10 Senior center Holiday program in NJ
12/12 Donated 1200 toys and gifts for St. Lucia annual Christmas program

Date Location Project
4/22 El Salvador Send one container of clothing, toys, computer etc. to El Salvador
5/31 New Jersey US Collect clothing at two Chinese schools in Monmouth County
6/19 Dominican Republic Visit San Domingo to evaluate the donation of multi functional children’s center
7/1 Indonesia Support CYCU,one month caring program at senior center, in Indonesia
7/21 El Salvador Computer donation ceremony with Minister of Education
7/21 El Salvador Visit first lady’s office to coordinate future charity program
7/21 El Salvador TongJing Village grand opening ceremony
7/22 El Salvador Education program in Sonsanate with Con TexTos
7/22 El Salvador Food,and clothing distribution to 200 families in Ciudad Arce
7/23 El Salvador Wheelchair donation ceremony at Hospital Rosales
7/23 El Salvador Visit San Slavado Assembles Legislative as per invitation from chair of Assembles Legislative Mr. Sigfrido Reyes.
7/23 El Salvador Food and clothing distribution to 200 families in City of Aguilares
7/24 El Salvador Housing project and distribution program in Sociedad Morazan
7/25 El Salvador Computer center grand opening ceremony in Santa Ana
7/25 El Salvador House construction project with Techo Foundation
7/25 El Salvador Vocational training program and Distribution to 200 families in Tacuba city
7/26 El Salvador Food and clothing distribution to 200 families in Cojutepeque city
9/25 El Salvador Send one container of clothing, toys, computer etc. to El Salvador
9/30 Nicaragua Donate 60 wheelchairs to Nicaragua Military Hospital
12/2 Dominican Republic San Domingo Children’s Center ground breaking ceremony 
12/3 NYC NY USA VA Hospital Holiday gift program, distribute blankets and hats
12/4 St. Lucia Christmas program – Toy distribution in,St. Lucia
12/5 El Salvador Donate 20 computers in El Salvador for education program
12/6 New Jersey US Victoria House Holiday program, distribute blankets
Date Location Project
12/23 El Salvador Holiday visit to homeless at El Salvador, in addition to our weekly hot food distribution, Care to Help volunteers in El Salvador distributed 200 jackets for the homeless.
12/19 St. Lucia Donation of 1400 toys to children in St. Lucia
12/7 Matawan NJ Donation of 60 blankets to Victoria House Nursing Home in Matawan, NJ
12/7 Bronx, NY Donation of 200 blankets to American Legion Auxiliary for Christmas program at VA Hospital in Bronx, NY
11/16 Philippine Donation of $6000.00 to victim families of Typhoon Haiyan in City of Tacloban, Philippine.
11/15 El Salvador One container of clothing, toy, computer, donation to El Salvador.
11/7 Asbury Park, NJ Laundry bag donation to Epiphany House in Asbury Park.
11/2 NJ, USA Clothing drive with MMMS in Marlboro, NJ
10/22 CA, USA 300 basketball donation to Little Horse Association.
9/18 China Donated two washers and sixteen cabinets to Special Education School in Jinsha, Guizhou Province, China
9/14 El Salvador One container of clothing, toys, computers, donation to El Salvador.
8/8 Nicaragua Computer and stationery donation to Commonwealth of Dominica Republic.
7/10 Nicaragua One container of wheelchair donation to Nicaragua.
6/11 Masatepe Nicaragua Food distribution to 150 families
6/10 Nicaragua Construction programs with NGO TECHO
6/8 City of Taruba Food distribution to 100 families and Grand opening ceremony of Computer class
6/7 Apora Distribution 100 families and Grand opening ceremony of Computer class (20 computer donation on March 13)
6/6 Morazan  Computer programs with Department of Morazan ( 5 cities )
6/5 Comite de Proyeccion Medical and distribution programs
6/4 City of Aguilares and Ciudad Arce Food and clothes distribution to 150 families in City of Aguilares. Food and clothes distribution to 100 families in Ciudad Arce
6/3 El Carmen  Construction project. 6 houses finished; Ceremony After.  Food distribution to 100 families
5/30 Nicaragua Shipment of one container of wheelchairs
5/27 Africa Donation of $5000.00 to Voice of African Mothers,Inc. for Educational programs
5/1 Sichuan Donation of $5000.00 to victim families of earthquake
4/21 TzuChi Foundation, El Salvador Donation of 4 wheelchairs
4/20 Marlboro, NJ Clothing drive with MMMS
4/4 El Salvador Shipment of one container of clothes and toys
4/1 ayutuxtepeque El Salvador Donation of 15 computers
3/13 Apopa, Mejicano. Donation of 20 computers to Apopa, Mejicano