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June 3rd 2013

Construction project in El Carmen, 6 houses finish, 6 houses Ground breaking ceremony.  Food distribution to 100 families.

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June 4th 2013

Food and clothes distribution to 150 families in City of Aguilares.  Food and clothes distribution to 100 families in Ciudad Arce. 

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June 5th 2013

Medical and distribution programs with  Comite de Proyeccion.

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June 6th 2013

Computer programs with Department of Morazan.( 5 cities )

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June 7th 2013

Distribution 100 families and Grand opening ceremony of Computer class (20 computer donation on March 13) Apora.

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June 8th 2013

Food distribution to 100 families and Grand opening ceremony of Computer class in City of Taruba.

June 10th 2013

Construction programs with NGO TECHO in Nicaragua.

June 11, 2013

Food distribution to 150 families in Masatepe Nicaragua.

April 25th 2012

April 25 Donation of 20 computers to Centro Escolor Middle School in La Libertad.

On April 25, Caretohelp Foundation donated 20 sets of computer to Centro Escolar middle school in Tonacatepeque. This computer class program was proposed by Contextos Foundation. The school had classroom and teacher for the program but they didn’t have computers for this program. CHCF’s representative Mr. Oscar Tsai went to the school made a survey to check if the school ready for the program. After Mr. Oscar Tsai talked with the school principal and teacher of the computer class, CHCF send 20 sets of computer to the school. There were 200 students benefitted from this program.

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May 2nd 2012

May 2 Donation of $5000.00 to HsioZhang School in Tibet for brick ground construction.

Bodhi Education Foundation is a non-profit organization established in Edison New Jersey.This NGO had done many education programs in China for many years. President SueSue Yang knows member of the foundation Mr. Gary Li for quite a long time. In the beginning of the year, Gary recommended a proposal to CHCF requesting to support HsioZhang school in China.

In March CHCF send a check of $5,000.00 to Bodhi Education Foundation to support program in HsioZhang school. Bodhi Education Foundation used this donation to build a new brick playground for HsioZhang school. The program started in March , finished in May. CHCF received a complete report of this program from Hsiozhang school.

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