Central America

06/04/2020 Tropical Storm Amanda Relief in El Salvador

Care To Help volunteer Mr. Tasi and the other ten volunteers hold a relief event in Sacacoyo City, El Salvador in response to the severe flooding caused by Tropical Storm Amanda. A total of 250 families received relief products.






2018 College Students Volunteer Summer Program

08/06/2018 – 08/27/2018 Chung Yuan Christian University’s students volunteered in El Salvador


2016-08-30 Donated hygiene supplies to a shelter run by ISNA

CHF volunteers visited Hogar del Nino Vicente de Paul, a shelter ran by ISNA for abused children age 8-12 & women suffering from domestic violence. CHF donated hygiene supplies.

2016-09-02 Chilanga & San Antonio Distribution

Chilanga – donated 6 computers and 150 bags of food.

San Antonio – donated 150 bags of clothing and 150 bags of food.

2016-08-31 Nueva Cuscatlan & Huzucar – Distribution & education program

Nueva Cuscatlan – Visited & donated 100 bags food, 100 bags of clothes & 10 computers.

Huizucar – Visited & donated 100 bags food, 100 bags of clothes & 10 computers.

2016-8-30 Distribution Dulce Nombre de Maria

CHF donated 10 computers, 100 bags of each food & clothing at Dulce Nombre de Maria.

2016-08-30 Service Learning computer class

The children at the INSA run shelter go to the school Centro Escolar Catolico Hogar del Nino, where the Service Learning (a college volunteer organization) taught computer classes during summer. The Vice President’s Wife, Elda Gladis Tobar joined us while certificates were given to children who participated in the computer classes.

2016-08-29 Scholarship program – Women’s Development Center Suchitoto

August 29th, 2016  Schitoto, El Salvador

Women’s Development Center in Suchitoto – Scholarship ceremony

CHF donated US$12,000 for scholarship. 12 girls with at least a 7/10 school grades, each will receive US$50/month. Congresswoman Jacklyn Rivera was present during the signing of the contract.





Send one container to El Salvador

Care To Help Foundation sent out one container of computers, toys, clothes and picture frames to El Salvador on April 28th,  2016.

All goods will be used for Care To Help’s summer program in August.