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Visiting and Sponsoring Veteran Center in Yilan

11/18/2022 Visited and sponsored veteran service center in Yilan

Sponsoring Central America Charity Events


Food Relief in El Salvador

6/20/2023 Relieved food in El Salvador

Annual Veteran Sponsoring Program in Yilan



Hualien Earthquake’s Donation

04/13/2024 Donate one thousand dollars to help Hualien earthquake’s victims

Visiting Yilan Veteran Service Center

02/01/2024 宜蘭榮民服務處邀請參加2024年的寒冬送暖活動。今年是好心人基金會第10年關懷及幫助宜蘭地區的榮民及其眷屬。














01/05/2021 Annual Yilan Veteran Program

12/30/2019 Sponsor Veterans in YiLan Taiwan

On December 30th, 2019 Care to Help volunteer, Mr. Benjamin Weng, represent Care To Help to visit and donate money to the needy veterans in YiLan City in Taiwan.

12/09/2019 Annul Veteran Hospital Christmas Gift Shop Donation

Donated 130 Christmas gifts to sponsor the annual Christmas Gift Shop program runs in the Veteran Hospital in New York.


08/15/2019 Wheelchairs donation at San Salvador,El Salvador

Chairman Carlos Liu  of Care To Help El Salvador represented Care To Help and donated 130 wheelchairs to the First Lady’s Office at San Salvador, El Salvador.