November 17th 2012

November 17 Donation of 250 cleaning kits to Highlands Township.

On November 17, 2012 we started our 3rd distribution program in Highlands Township. We got in touch with the township administrator Tim Hill and volunteer coordinator Mrs. Patty Park to set up the date and what they need. 250 sets of cleaning kits were prepped and SueSue Yang and 5 other volunteers met at 9:00AM 11/17 to distribute. We were assigned a spot to set up our donation cleaning kits along with many other organizations that also provided all kinds of assistance. Tim Hill met us on the spot, telling us 50% of the houses (more than 1200 houses) in town were damaged because this town is close to the Atlantic Ocean. Many houses still don’t have power because the electric meter was damaged by the flood. Tim brought us to the shelter to meet with the Red Cross manager Mrs. Michelle Marsha who was in charge of the shelter of around 25 people. We decided to have a hot food service on the following Tuesday at 5:30PM. We distributed around 200 cleaning kits, then left around 2:00PM. We left the rest of the cleaning kits at a service center in case more people needed it.

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