November 20th 2012

November 20 Hot dinner service and gift card distribution in Atlantic Highlands shelter.

On November 20, volunteers of CHCF (SueSue yang, Wayne Chang, Benjamin Weng, DerChuen weng, Joe Hsia, Jennifer Lin, Ann Wang) provided hot dinner to shelter families in Atlantic Highlands.

On CHCF’s distribution on November 17, volunteers knew that there were around 20 families in the shelter because their homes got damaged by Hurricane Sandy and they had no place to stay but the shelter.

They went to the shelter which was supervised by Red cross manager Marsha. CHCF requested the permission of Marsha to have a hot dinner service on Monday night at 6:30PM. After Marsha’s permission, CHCF contacted with John who own a Thai restaurant in Hoboken. CHCF ordered 50 dinner from John and John promised to prepared 50 dinner on 11/22 at the shelter.

On 11/20 around 5:30PM, volunteers of CHCF and John and his 2 helpers arrived to the shelter, start to prepare food for families in the shelter. The dishes include chicken, pork, Thai noddles, fried rice, eggroll, egg vegetable soup. At 6:30PM CHCF volunteers start to arrange dinner to families in the shelter. Administer Tim Hill also came to have dinner with everybody. All families in the shelter enjoyed the food very much.

After dinner, president SueSueYang gave to each family a Walmart gift card, in the amount of $200.00, hoping that family members, while they were sheltered, could buy something they needed before the day of Thanksgiving. All sheltered families showed their appreciation for CHCF volunteers.

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