September 15th 2012

September 15 Donation of clothes, toys, and stationery to El Salvador.

September 15, 2012 CHCF send out one container of clothes,shoes,toys,etc.. to El Salvador.  Most residents of the State of New Jersey live in a good environment.  Families exchange clothes seasonally and often dispose of gently used clothes. They also dispose of toys when their children grow up.

However in many developing countries like El Salvador, people don’t have such resources. Most families do not have enough income to buy clothes and toys for their children. CHCF noticed this problem and decided to dedicate its efforts to help these families in El Salvador.

CHCF’s program is to collect gently used clothing, shoes, toys, computers, and small appliances through local communities and public schools. Mr. Gary Quan who has a warehouse in Somerset generously donated a spot in his warehouse to CHCF free of charge. We used this warehouse space to collect and store the donated items. We also received a donation of paper cartons from Mr. Randy Yang who is the manager of a wholesale bag importer. CHCF’s volunteers came to the warehouse to repack all of these donated items.

After we accumulate enough goods, we will order a container to ship out to NGO TCC in El Salvador. Mr. Oscar Tsai, Chairman of the Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce, and a member of CHCF, has a warehouse in El Salvador where we can store donated items. Mr. Tsai will ask his friends and workers to repack our goods into separate bags then distribute to the different communities.